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“The Five Most Efficient Cyber Defenders Are:
Anticipation, Education, Detection, Reaction
And Resilience. Do Remember: "Cybersecurity
Much More Than An IT Topic.”Stephane Nappo
Advanced VAPT,
Penetration Test
We protect the systems in the government and
private sectors with the latest and all types of tests.
Next-Gen Unified
Security Platform
Next-Gen Security Solutions for Industries,
Cloud, Use Cases, and Compliance.
13+ Compliance
and Regulations
We added business continuity standard to most
cyber security standards we offer to all sector.
Security Packages
We offer three service packages: Capside
Delta, Capside Beta and Capside Alpha.
Cyber Security_
Career & Practice
Advanced cybersecurity courses, workshops
to qualify for the labor market in the field
of cybersecurity.

Advanced Security Operation Center

Cyber-attacks are increasing and getting more complex day by day, vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks are discovered every day, we use the accumulated advanced experience, in analyzing advanced attacks with prediction techniques using AI and DL.

The solutions that organizations must follow to mitigate modern cyber threats require:
Ongoing awareness and training, correlation, periodic behavior analysis, and other critical issues that are costly and time-consuming to implement, many organizations struggle to hire and retain the expensive cybersecurity experts needed to run these solutions to protect themselves from attacks.

Security Analytics

Intrusion Detection​

Log Data Analysis

File Integrity Monitoring​

Vulnerability Detection

Configuration Assessment & Hardening

Incident Response

Awareness Service

Threat Intelligence

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We keep abreast of the latest updates to provide the best services and solutions in the field of cyber security and threat hunting.

We always stay with our customers, monitoring every bit that enters their networks, analyzing them and applying the latest protection solutions.

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The Security And Efficiency In Your Business Continuity Is Our Goal.

Cyber Consulting

Discover, Evaluate and Identify All Weaknesses Of Your Facility Now.

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Infinite Detection and Mitigation Of Threats.